Daphne Benzaquen | Brand Stylist & Consultant


I’ve met many
“idea people”…

In fact I used to be one of them myself. I used to keep a note in my phone titled “Great Ideas” where I’d jot down anything I’d think of that would be, what I thought, “the next big thing”. But soon after, the idea would just sit in my phone and quickly become a “someday”. Sound familiar?

Now that I’ve created and grown two companies of my own, I’ve learned that the hardest thing about creating your company is ACTUALLY taking the leap to start your venture. It’s scary not knowing what steps to take, I know.

  • Do I need to incorporate or file anything with the government?

  • How do I make a business plan?

  • What’s an operating agreement?

  • How do I make a logo?

  • What’s a mission statement?

All questions I’ve asked myself and worked with people to find answers to. Without all these conversations and insight from experienced entrepreneurs I would not be where I am now and know what has worked, what totally failed and different ways to experiment and grow my business.

A firm believer of paying it forward and an advocate of collaboration over competition, I decided to create Daphne Benzaquen Consulting, as a way for me to serve as a catalyst for inspired entrepreneurs. To ensure mutual benefit I choose clients who are a fit with my experience in the fashion, lifestyle, food, and education fields. I love working with product and service based companies.

My offerings are outlined below along with more detail on deliverables, time and investment on the Services page. My hope is that whatever stage your business is at, after each conversation you’ll leave feeling inspired, motivated and, I assume, with a pretty long to-do list!

Use the contact form to set up a consultation or inquire whether my services are right for you.

Our Services


one hour consultation

Sometimes you just need a sounding board or someone you can talk everything out with. This hour is catered to your needs and fueled by your curiosity. When needed, I will share my experiences, reasons behind certain decisions, recommendations and applicable contacts to inspire and motivate you and your business goals. At the end of the one—hour session you will leave inspired and confident to tackle the next steps and continue to grow your business.

Entrepreneurship 101

Can anyone start a business? With the right tools and guidance I believe so! So why not you? During two one-hour conversations we will narrow in on the initial steps needed to get your business off the ground, prioritize investments needed, pinpoint pain points and set goals for the future growth of the company. Should you approach your clients via social media? Go into wholesale? What pricing structure? All topics which can be discussed and talked out together.


Brand Development

A good sale starts with a good story. After all, consumers always fall in love with the story behind a brand or product before they realize they have to buy the product.

I always begin the branding process by understanding and detailing your company's story. First we create a vision board. In the past, I've used visual print or Pinterest, but any medium can work. Knowing your customer is the most crucial step to creating the brand. Through the vision board, we get an idea of your “perfect” consumer, answering questions like where they live, what they do for fun, where they vacation and more.

Once established, the Brand Guidelines are created and include the logo, color palette, mission, vision and core values to align with your company dynamic. This process is a result of many conversations and collaboration with the client and team and can follow the Entrepreneurship 101 service.


social media strategy

You want a full brand identity that radiates your core values and brand assets, this extends to your online presence. With the ever changing social media trends it can be intimidating to establish your online presence but it is essential. I have worked with several brands to develop a cohesive feed, grow engaged followers and drive traffic to your site through organic reach, paid ads and collaborations. Together we will brainstorm a strategy that is in line with your brand personality and social media goals and you will be given the tools to execute the strategy on your own.

This service is very useful after the Brand Development process to ensure fluidity through all of your business’ digital presence.

Website Branding Review

Have you had the same website for years now? People landing on your page only seem to stay on it for 10 seconds? I can help. Although I do not code websites, I am familiar with Shopify, Squarespace and WordPress systems. I consult on content layout, navigation organization, add- in options, brand identity and fluidity in digital messaging.


I am so thankful for the resources and energy that Daphne brought to the table. She has great insight for not only branding, but so many more aspects of launching a business. Her energy for entrepreneurship is contagious and I’m looking forward to continue using her as a resource for my startup.
— Brooke B., Nonprofit Consultant