From New York to California



Wow, Daphne, thank you so much. I loved being able to meet with you and bounce ideas off of you. I also really appreciate you following up with me so thoroughly, your collection of resources is incredible. It keeps my momentum going which is hard when about to take a risk. I would love to continue working with you in the future as well.
— Brooke Black of Brooke Black Consulting (Launching soon!)

Working with Daphne I was finally able to say that the world of Social Media Marketing wasn’t so scary as I thought. I was able to use the tools that she helped me set up, to better my business, and expand my influence. Thank you!
— Jacob Kasputin Of Knowledge Road

I can’t thank you enough for your help today, your insights, actually your eyes. I cannot wait to see how it all looks! You are awesome!
— TJ Jones, Founder of Children's Therapeutic